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What we do

What We Do


We help you scale and stay agile

To survive and thrive in today’s marketplace, it’s crucial to achieve scalable growth. That means making the right talent investments — hiring the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons. It also means finding ways to reduce your risk, limit your overhead, maintain operational flexibility, and avoid over-extending your financial resources.

Against this backdrop, how can you bring on top talent and maximize the value of their time? How do you make sure they are invested and stay engaged, and that their efforts are contributing to your organization's success? The sad fact is approximately 70% of US workers are “not engaged” at their jobs, while Gallup research shows employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcome. Meanwhile the outmoded model of “full-time employees” is costing ~30% more than an equivalent independent worker, while yielding less flexibility.

To address this dilemma, instead of creating jobs, forward-thinking companies are disaggregating work from jobs. In order to cultivate more agile, adept organizations, powered by innovative, multidimensional people, innovative leaders look for ways to build their business models and run their firms with as few full-time employees as possible. Two-thirds of businesses anticipate that their use of off balance sheet talent will grow significantly in the next three to five years.

The Helm Group

But you need more than mere freelancers...

  • You need people that have earned their chops in the tech industry
  • People who know how the industry works ...and know how to read a room
  • People who can pivot, adapt and move forward
  • ...who work remotely and onsite equally well
  • ...who have their time management down
  • ...who not only understand process, but invent it
  • ...who offer strategic improvement at every turn
  • ...who add value beyond the tasks at hand
  • ...who are emotionally intelligent and conduct themselves with grace
  • ...who are responsive and responsible
  • ...who understand the context of your project and the culture of your company
  • People who help you be more efficient—and enable you to focus on your own work instead of micromanaging

The Helm Group is the solution.