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Why Work With Us


Benefits of working with us

One source for Marketing & Sales experts who help you get the job done

Using independent workers helps you improve your organization’s flexibility and scalability while saving time, money, and headaches. With on-demand access to consistently high-quality professionals, you win the long-fought war for talent. What are you waiting for? Working with The Helm Group will provide your organization with countless benefits, such as:


Flexibility and scalability:

  • Access to the talent and bandwidth you need — helping you remain lean and agile
  • Ability to scale your team to fit your changing needs
  • No need to hire full-time employees to staff part-time or limited-duration work

Agile approach:

  • Cross-functional talent clusters that form, disperse, and re-form as needs/tasks dictate
  • People who can pivot, adapt, and help you keep moving forward


Exactly who you need, exactly when you need them:

  • Top-tier professionals pre-screened to have the right expertise and experience
  • Ability to engage talent for only the timing/duration you require

No risk of engaging ineffective, ill-fitting professionals

  • Effective integration with your in-house team
  • Ongoing focus on ensuring chemistry and fit
  • Customized, client-centric approach to serving you


Peace of mind:

  • Confidence in the quality of our people and our work
  • Highly skilled, engaged workers who love what they do and deliver on their commitments
  • Proven ability to be successful in a corporate environment
  • Professionals who demonstrate ownership, accountability, integrity, respect, and emotional intelligence
  • Consistent responsiveness
  • Strong time and project management skills


Fresh perspectives:

  • New and diverse perspectives from outside your company walls
  • Dynamic team make-up that stimulates ongoing innovation
  • Identification of opportunities for process improvement

Access to the best of the best:

  • Expanded talent pipeline that opens access to the best talent — regardless of location or long-term availability
  • Access to networks and knowledge bases that may otherwise have been out of reach

      Growth Focus

      A sustainable future:

      • Strategy that helps you prioritize opportunities, find your audience, strengthen your message, and build/strengthen your brand
      • Sound investments in talent: obtaining the best possible results without a long term budget commitment
      • Your executives can stay focused on your business imperatives

      Commitment to your success:

      • Ideas and strategies focused on growing your pipeline
      • Seasoned professionals who can help grow your in-house team


      Simple project staffing solutions:

      • One-stop shop for your marketing and sales needs
      • Long-term relationship potential simplifies future sourcing

      Reduced administrative burden:

      • Only one contract and one invoice
      • No HR overhead

      Reduced effort for you:

      • Highly seasoned, self-driven, “management-light” workers
      • Committed to learning your business and working style

      Reduced Cost

      Say goodbye to overhead:

      • Reduced fixed costs for payroll, benefits, and office space (hiring an FTE costs 30-40% more)
      • More efficient completion of tasks by fit-for-purpose professionals
      • Reduced costs due to turnover of dissatisfied, under-utilized FTEs

      More flexible resource allocation:

      • Increased operational flexibility
      • Budgets flex in accordance with your organization’s focus, goals, and strategic objectives
      • Ability to reallocate budget that would’ve been spent filling a permanent role

      Tech Focus

      Strong understanding of your business, reducing ramp-up time:

      • Ability to speak the language of technology
      • Experience with Agile processes and methodologies
      • Strong understanding of UX, UI, and product development
      • Familiarity with leading practices specific to the technology sector
      • Understanding of tech’s fast-moving landscape and market fluctuations
      • Fluent in technology tools and best practices to help increase efficiency
      • Ability to work effectively with tech-industry employees of all roles and ranks